Dr. Stephen Courtney Shares His Secret of Staying Fit

Dr. Stephen Courtney is considered to be one of the best orthopedic spine surgeons in Plano, Texas. But, there is a different side of him that many are unaware of. Dr. Courtney has always been into leady a healthy and fit life. He was a member of the Louisiana All-State basketball team in his heydays which instilled the passion of working out in his head. Though, in the later stage of life, work and busy life schedules compelled the “staying fit” factor to slip down to the bottom of his life. 

Dr. Stephen Courtney – Orthopedic Spine Surgeon in Plano TX – Living Well Magazine

It was in his late 30’s that Dr. Courtney got the “wake-up call” to get back into shape. He then rediscovered his love for fitness. Since then, Dr. Courtney has never looked back. Apart from being a very busy orthopedic spine surgeon, he is also a fitness enthusiast who works out in his home gym. Dr. Courtney has interests in biking, yoga, and swimming as well. He got placed in the top 10 of his age group in mountain biking in Texas. Some other achievements include completing the “Hotter’N Hell” race in Wichita Falls twice in 2005 and in 2015 which is the largest cycling event in the country. 

Dr. Courtney has recently developed a love for participating in events such as cycling, boxing, and cardio workout. He completed his first triathlon in May and later also took part in a triathlon in Cedar Hill in June. It is inspiring to see that Dr. Stephen Courtney – such an accomplished Orthopedic Spine Surgeon pays invests such effort and time in staying fit. He definitely inspires people and can be an example for the ones who give excuses of “staying busy” to skip workout sessions.

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