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How to get rid of Arthritis Pain?

Arthritis is a range of situations that generally involves pain and inflammation in the bone joints. Ignoring this issue, in the beginning, can be the reason for immense discomfort in the days to come. The pain becomes intolerable with time and is capable of giving you nightmares. Keeping this in mind, the best spine surgeon in Plano has come up with ways to get natural relief from arthritis. Go through the section below to know how to beat the pain in an effective way. 

Manage your weight

Being overweight can be a reason for you suffering from arthritis. You need to realize that extra weight puts unnecessary pressure on your joints, feet, knees, hips, etc and causes pain. In case you are suffering from the problem of obesity and arthritis, the doctor can recommend you to cut down your body weight immediately. You need to set a target weight and training to achieve the goal is designed accordingly. Some of the advantages of losing weight are:

  • Reduce the pain
  • Improve your overall mobility
  • Prevent any sort of further damage caused to your joints

Do exercise regularly

Exercising regularly can also be beneficial for you to manage your weight, keep the joints flexible and also strengthen the muscles around the joints which ultimately provides more support and stability. Training with a physical instructor can be beneficial. Some of the basic exercises that you can indulge in are cycling, walking, jogging, swimming, etc.

Use cold and hot therapy

The cold and heat treatments can be an effective way to alleviate the pain caused due to arthritis and also reduce the swelling. 

  • Cold treatments – The cold treatments can fix joint pain and lessen inflammation. You should wrap the painful joints with a gel ice pack or a bag containing frozen vegetables for immediate relief. Make sure to never apply ice directly to the skin. 
  • Heat treatments – The heat treatments include taking a long shower in warm water. This can help to get rid of stiffness across the joint and reduce the pain or swelling. You can also use an electric blanket or moist heating pad at night. 

Take medications to cope up with pain 

Intake of medications and complying with relaxation techniques can be a great way to deal with arthritis. Are you wondering why we just asked you to follow relaxation techniques? Well, the reason behind it is pretty simple. Reduction in stress can actively lower pain and inflammation. Anxiety, stress, and depression are very much linked with chronic pain. 

Maintain a healthy diet

Eating healthily is a must if you want to lead a healthy life and avoid critical medical conditions. A plant-based diet provides antioxidants that ultimately are effective in reducing swelling by getting rid of the free radicals in your body. You need to know that a diet that mainly consists of meat, saturated fat, processed food, or a lot of sugar can increase the chances of suffering from inflammation. 

Do Consult an Orthopedic

If adopting the above-mentioned tips doesn’t yield any outcome, do not ignore the pain. You should definitely consult an orthopedic nearby. Contact Dr. Stephen Courtney if you are looking for the most reliable orthopedic surgeon in Plano or nearby. All you need to do is just give us a call and our doctor will guide you through the effective process of getting rid of arthritis pain. 

We hope that you now have a better understanding of the ways to deal with arthritis. Lead a pain-free healthy life and you deserve to live to the fullest.