10 things that make Stephen Courtney, MD the best spine surgeon in Texas

There are certain things that a person needs to consider while looking for a spine surgeon or a spine doctor. An increase in demand for medical assistance has led to notable growth in the clinics providing spine related treatments. But, not all of them offer quality service or keep the promises made in the advertisements, flyers, or in-person conversations. But, you should never compromise when it comes to your health. It is necessary to always choose the best professional. 

But Dr. Courtney is a very dedicated spine surgeon. Let us discuss 10 reasons why Dr. Courtney is the best spine surgeon in Texas. Read on to find out some rock-solid reasons to book an appointment at Advanced Spine Center. 

  1. Training & Qualifications

The first thing to consider while looking for a spine surgeon is the doctor’s qualifications and training. You should gather knowledge about which school the surgeon went to, area of expertise, degrees, etc. It is our pleasure to let you know that Dr. Courtney has a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree from Northeast Louisiana University in Monroe. He has also attended the Louisiana State University Medical School in Shreveport, Louisiana. Dr. Courtney has completed his orthopedic residency at Texas A&M University Medical Center in Temple, Texas. He has also completed his spine fellowship at Florida Neck & Back Institute, PA, in Gainesville, Florida. You must have now understood that Dr. Courtney is adequately qualified and has undergone the necessary training to deal with spinal problems.

  1. Experience

The second factor to consider while looking for a spine surgeon near you is the doctor’s experience. Always remember that experience is something that helps a professional deal with problems belonging to any difficulty level. No service provider can stay at the top for a long span of time by providing bad quality assistance. You should know that Dr. Courtney has been providing top-quality treatment since 1995. So, it has been almost more than 20 years of medical practice. 

  1. Accreditations

You should also be careful to check the accreditations of the dental surgeon before planning a visit. Dr. Courtney has been certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery. He is also a member of the Collin/Fannin County Medical Society, the North American Spine Society, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the American College of Spine Surgery, and the American Medical Association. Being a member of numerous medical associations ensures his areas of expertise, educational qualifications, training, ethical conduct, credentials, etc.  Dr. Courtney makes sure to be a member of these associations in order to be aware of the latest techniques and advancements in technology.

  1. Treatment Philosophy

The thought process of the spine surgeon can also determine your visit to the clinic. There are several surgeons who prefer to not stay in tandem with the changing times and adopt new ideas. These people not just miss out on a lot of things but also make their patients suffer due to their reluctance. This is not the case with Dr. Stephen Courtney. He always lays emphasis on providing the patients with the best treatment possible and ensures that all of them feel satisfied.

  1. Specialties

There are various areas of specialties when it comes to the treatment of the spinal cord. You need to figure out that the surgeon you visit has expertise in the particular field of treatment you are looking for. Dr. Courtney has specialties in areas that include cervical fusion, lumbar fusion, cervical revision, cervical injections, lumbar microdiscectomy, lumbar injections, lumbarmis, and lumbar revision. If you have any problems related to the mentioned areas, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

  1. Good Communication

Having a good rapport with the medical professional can act as an effective psychological factor and treat a major percentage of the disease. You should be able to ask questions related to the treatment, discuss the symptoms and also voice out your opinions without any fear and hesitation. Some doctors can be intimidating and not provide you with the space to express yourself. This can be the reason for anxiety and create inhibitions in your mind. Dr. Courtney is completely against this and believes in providing an answer to every question of the patient. He is very friendly in nature and knows how to make his patients feel-at-home.

  1. Location

The location of a clinic can also be a determining factor when looking for a spine surgeon nearby. The closer the clinic, the better it is for you. People nowadays find it very difficult to get some time out of their busy schedules. So, the task of visiting a clinic becomes easy with close proximity. If you are looking for a spine surgeon in or around Plano, TX, contact Advanced Spine Center. Here, you will be able to consult Dr. Courtney who provides excellent treatments to resolve your spinal problems. 

  1. Treatment Outcomes

A patient deserves to know the final outcome when he/she is going in for surgery. Dr. Courtney always makes sure to let the patient know about the potential risks. This somehow can instill confidence in the patients. Obliviousness can be the reason for tension and unnecessary fear.

  1. Follow-up Care

The clinic or the spine surgeon your choose must also provide you with quality follow-up care.  Dr. Stephen Courtney makes sure to provide the tips for aftercare and also take the liability of the patient after the surgery is done. 

  1. Affordability

Last but not the least, you need to look for a clinic that offers treatment that you can afford. You need to know that not everything good has to be necessarily costly. Dr. Courtney offers the best-quality treatment possible at a price that can be afforded by the common mass.

We hope that you have now gained a clear understanding of the 10 things that make Dr. Stephen Courtney the best spine surgeon in Texas, USA. So, why wait anymore? Contact us today to get rid of any spinal problems. Thank you.